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"Make This Your Best Year Yet" B.S.

Let’s Set You Up For Your Best Freakin' Life!


It's all YOU! Big scary YOU!


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Some of the comments from LadyBalls Client.....​

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Jody Jelas

"The greatest freedom in the world is to be 100% yourself. NO FILTERS. NO LIMITS. Then learning to embrace every part of you and express yourself fully."








So... What Happens At the Live Retreats?

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Who the hell is Jody Jelas?

Jody is often referred to as

“The most transparent and authentic in the business”. 


She became a #1 bestselling author with her book “LadyBalls” within an hour of launching on Amazon.


Jody has helped people all over the world to unleash their 100% non-filter selves! She also helps them to apply her get-shit-done strategies to create leverage, so they can spend their time doing what they really LOVE.


She has studied personal development since she was 14 years old and continues to share her own person journey to inspire others to do the same. 


Over the last 19 years she's helped top leaders grow and shift into alignment with their true purpose and created a movement of both women and men, to strap on their balls, or LadyBalls and live life to the fullest. 


She is passionate about helping people kick their lives to a new normal through tried and tested strategies and personal development. She has worked and master-minded with leaders and personal development gurus from all over the world.

"Babes. I've had a bit of a shit storm lately but you've got me back in the game. I did £40k in sales last week. Im back. It seems the "Full moon / Jody Jelas combo" is a good one for me!"

Michelle Holmes

Marketing Mantra

"Don't let the f bombs fool you! She'll shift your thinking into a realm that will blow you mind. Her magic mindset stuff and crazy big picture thinking has hands down helped me go bigger than I ever thought possible in my business "

Senka Radonich

Adventure Girls

Megan Denize

Creator of Inspector Spot

"The biggest shifts you've helped me with have been sorting my shit out and getting me onto the course I'm meant to be on. Sorting your shit out and finding the right path needs to come first before anything!"

Kris Gilbertson

Business Strategist

"She' really helps guide and holds your hand to set you up for success" 

Patty-Ann Waho

Inner Spark Systems

"Jody has enough Mindset Mastery to rule the world! Simple steps, the "getting shit done days", the whiteboard mind dump & the fun times laughing about your own personal fuck ups! It's so simple & yet we complicate it over & over. Here's to working alongside Jody to create my Empire."